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CLC Stage 18 Vocabulary

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audeo, auderedare
caput, capitishead
coepiI began
cogonsco, cognoscere, cognovifind out, get to know
consisto, consistere, constitistand one's groung, stand firm
dea, deaegoddess
demonstro, demonstrare, demnostravipoint out, show
discedo, discedere, discessidepart, leave
fortuna, fortunaefortune, luck
frango, frangere, fregibreak
invitus, invita, invitumunwilling
longus, longa, longumlong
manus, manushand
miles, militissoldier
nemono one
nox, noctisnight
obsto, obstare, obstitiobstruct, block the way
pars, partispart
periculosus, periculosa, periculosumdangerous
peto, petere, petivibeg for, ask for
postremofinally, lastly
praesidium, praesidiiprotection
proin front of
procumbo, procumbere, procubuiFall down
quo?where, where to?
recuso, recusare, recusavirefuse
resisto, resistere, resistiresist
sacer, sacra, sacrumsacred
saevio, saevire, saeviibe in a rage

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