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DNA: The Genetic Material

A review of vocabulary in Chapter 14 of Biology 6/e by S. Mader (McGraw-Hill).

adeninecomplementary bonds to thymine
antiparallelwhen strands in a biological molecule lie next to each other, but run in opposite directions
avirulentnonpathogenic agent
bacteriophagevirus that infects bacteria
complementary base pairingwhen one nucleotide specifically associates with another
cytosinecomplementary bonds to guanine
DNAdouble-stranded polymer of deoxyribonucleotides
DNA polymeraseenzyme that bonds deoxyribonucleotides together
guaninecomplementary bonds to cytosine
helicaseenzyme that unwinds DNA during replication
mutationchange in DNA sequence
nucleic acidpolymer of nucleotides
nucleotide5-carbon sugar, nitrogenous base, phosphate
purineguanine and adenine
pyrimidinecytosine, thymine, and uracil
RNAsingle stranded polymer of ribonucleotides
semiconservative replicationwhen one old strand of DNA is used to make a new strand of DNA and they stay together
single-stranded DNA binding proteinkeeps DNA from reannealing when DNA is unwind
thyminecomplementary bonds to adenine
virulentdisease causing

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