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Telecommunicatons Notes

These are some questions about computer telecommunications

How did humans 1st communicte?Non-verbally
What 3 things do all communications require?Source, channel,& receiver
What are the 3 forms that telecommunications transmissions exist in?Voice, image,& data
What is an example of data transmissions?Barcode
What is an example of voice transmission?Telephone
What is an example of image transmission?Fax machine
When on-line should you ignore privacy rights and try to read other people's e-mail?No
When on-line should you avoid using profanity?Yes
When on-line should you avoid attempting to crash or harmfully penetrate another system?Yes
When on-line should you upload pirated(stolen) software?No
When on-line should you break laws with what you say or do because chances of getting caught are slim?No
What kind of Internet connection do we have at our school?Direct(T1)
What browser software do we use for the Internet?Netscape
Would you have a more limited search if you type in Civil War or Civil+War+battles?Civil+War+battles
What does it mean if a web page takes a long time to load?It's busy or it has a lot of graphics.
What does it mean to hack a computer?Break into it.
What are some types of computer crimes or violations of ethical behaviors?Vandalism,Piracy,& Phone fraud
What is the first page of a web site called?Homepage
What could a virus do to a computer system?Crash it.
Should you accept any informaton found on a web site totally accurate?No


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