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Lord of the Flies Vocab

SAT words from Lord of the Flies

abyssbottomless hole, a vast expanse or depth
articulateto speak distinctly; expressing oneself clearly
bastiona fortification, a stronghold
blunderto make a mistake as a result of stupidity or carelessness
cascadea steep waterfall or series of waterfalls, a continuous series
compressto contract, to reduce in size or volume
contemptscorn, extreme dislike or disdain
contriteextremely apologetic, remorseful, repentant
corpulencestate of being very fat
covertsecret, concealed
credulousbelieving on slight evidence, gullible
cynicalgiven to faultfinding, sneering, and sarcasm; exhibiting mocking disbelief
declivitydownward slope
decorumappropriate conduct, correct and proper behavior
demurto hesitate, to delay, to object
derisionscoffing at, mockery, ridicule
diffidenceshyness, reserve, unassertiveness
discursiverambling, moving from one topic to another randomly
disentangleto unravel, extricate
disinclinationa desire to avoid, aversion
dubiousdoubtful; not clear
ebullientoverflowing with excitment, showing enthusiasm
flourishto thrive, to grow well
foliageleaves of a plant, leafage

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