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Parts of Speech Review Game

This game helps review all of the parts of speech covered this year.

nounperson, place, thing or idea
common nounlower case, not specific, e.g.: dog
proper nounstarts with a capital letter, names a specific person, place or thing, e.g.: Siberean Huskey
pronouncan stand in for a noun, e.g.: she, he, it, they, we
subjectin a sentence, the noun that is doing the action, say "HI-YAH!"
verbaction word
predicatein a sentence, the action that is being done by the subject, say "VOOM!"
adverbdescribes a verb, adjective or other adverb
adjectivedescribes a noun or pronoun, say "LOOKIE!"
predicate expanderin a sentence, answers the questions: why, how, when or where about the predicate
whensay "BEEN, THEN, WHEN!"
wheresay "BEAR, THERE, WHERE!"
whysay "DON'T CRY WHY!"
howsay "CH-WOW-WOW HOW!"
direct objectanswersthe question what or whom about the verm, the D.O. is always a noun, say "WHOO-OO-OOP! D.O.!"
conjunctionconnects words or groups of words
prepositionshows how one thing relates to something else
interjectionexpresses emotion or surprise

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