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Accelerated Lesson 3 games

abjureto deny under oath; to renounce solemnly
aggrandizementto make greater; exaggerate
animosityill will; hostility
decapitationcutting off the head of
devioustricky; not straightforward; off the beaten path
dissensiondisagreement in opinion; quarreling
eligiblequalified to be chosen; fit for selection
gregarioussociable; tending to flock together
impedimenta hidrance; something that blocks the way
mutableprone to change; able to change
pedestrianrelated to walking. Commonplace; ordinary
pedigreea chart showing one's ancestors
pusillanimouscowardly; lacking personal courage
recapitulateto repeat briefly; summarize
tenuousthin,; lacking strength or substance; flimsy
animmind, feeling, life, heart
punct, pung, poign, pugto prick, to point
lect, leg, lig, litto choose, to gather
sens, sentto feel, to think
jurto swear, law
purgto clear
art (ert)art, skill, craft
duct, ducto lead
viroad, way
mutto change
capit, cipit, cepshead
magn, grandgreat
gregflock, herd

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