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Chapter 9 Air

Earth's Atmosphere

What is the percent is Oxygen?21%
Wat is the percent is Nitrogen?78%
What is the percent is Trace?1%
How many layers are in the eaths Atmoshere?5
is the most aboundant gas in the air?Nitrogen
Air pressure is greateast in theTroposhere
are near the top of the the troposphere?Jet Streams
The coldest kayer if air is the ?Mesosphere
Smog is a mixture of compounds of sulfur nitrogen, andoxygen
protects living things from too much ultraviolet radiation?Ozone
Movement of air toward water is aland breeze
The is the uppermost layer of the atomoshereexoshere
layer of atmoshere clostest to Earthtroposhpere
Which is hotter Venus or MarsVenus
What percent is absorbed by clouds?20%
what percent is absorbed by surface?50%
What percent is reflected by surface?5%
What percent is reflected by the clouds and atmosphere?25%
What is the day the test on?thursday
What day is Chrismas on25


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