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Earth's Atmosphere

What is the percent of nitrogen in our atmosphere75%
What is the percent of oxygen in our atmosphere21%
What is the percent of trace in our atmosphere1%
What are the mixture's in Earth's atmospheresoilds, liquids, and gases
What are the five main layers in Earth's atmospheretroposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere, and expsphere
What is radiation?the transfer of energy by electromagnetic waves
What is destroying the ozone layerchlorofluorocarbons
What is conduction?transfer of energy that occurs because of density differences in the air
What are the doldrums?Windless zone at the equater.
Where are the jet streams located?Near the top of the troposphere
Movements of air toward the water are breezes
The last major wind systems at Earth's surface are the ____.polar easterlies
The ozone layer stops ____ from getting to Earthultraviolet radiation
____ is the layer of electrically charged particlesionosphere
What is smog made up of?sulfur, nitrogen, and oxygen


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