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Air Chapter 9 Earth Science

Earth's Atmosphere

What is the troposphere?The lowest layer of the atmosphere.
What is smog?A mixture of compounds that include sulfur, nitrogen, and oxygen.
What is radiation?The trasfer of energy by electromagnetic waves.
What is conduction?The transfer of energy that occurs when molecules bump into each other.
What is convection?The transfer of heat that occurs beause the density differences in the air.
ionospherea layer of electrally charged particles
What is the uppermost layer of the atmosphere?exosphere
Ozone layerThe layer of the atmosphere that protects us from the sun.
An instrument used to measure air pressure.Barometer
Group of chemicals being blamed for the hole in the ozone layerChloroflorocarbons
Amount of nitrogen in the atmosphere.78%
Amount of oxygen in the atmosphere.21%
Amount of trace in the atmosphere.1%
Movements of air toward the water.Land Breezes
Movements of air toward land.Sea Breezes
Windless zonesDoldrums
What is heat.The transfer of energy from an object with a high temperature to an object with a lower temperature.
Where is the ozone layer located?Stratosphere
Ultraviolet radiationCan cause sun burn or skin cancer.
ionosphereThe layer of the atmosphere in which radio waves bounce off of.

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