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Realidades 1 Set 2

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la carrerarace
inscribirseto sign up for, to register for
la inscripciónregistration
el/la participante, participarparticipant, to participate
el trofeotrophy
¡Felicitaciones!; felicitarCongratulations!, to congratulate
animado, -a, -os, -asexcited, cheerful
la metagoal
salir campeón, campeonato be the winner
obtenerto obtain, to get
duro, -a, os, -ashard, difficult
al principioin the beginning
en tercer lugarin third place
sin embargonevertheless
desanimadodown, depressed, sad
emocionarseto get excited
al finalat the end
hacer un esfuerzoto make an effort
darse cuenta realize (mentally)
alcanzarto achieve
entrenarseto train, work out
la medallamedallion
el certificadocertificate
estar orgulloso, -a, -os, -as deproud
la ceremoniaceremony
la entrega de premiosthe handing out of awards
eliminarto eliminate
el entrenamientotraining
vencer (c-->z in yo form)to conquer, defeat
el ajedrezchess
el baloncesto, el basquetbólbasketball (2)
perder el partidoto lose the game
el equipoteam
ganarto win
la olimpiadaOlympics
la competenciacompetition ( in general)
estimularto stimulate
en segundo lugarin second place
la competicióncompetition ( a specific event)
No disfruto mucho...I don't enjoy ... much
Sólo me gusta observar...I only like to watch ...
sin embargonevertheless, at any rate, anyway
el/la representantethe representative
to get angry, me enojaba, te enojabas, se enojaba, nos enojábamos, os enojabais, se enojabanimperfect tense: forms and definition of enojarse
to lose: perdía, perdías, perdía, perdíamos, perdíais, perdíanimperfect tense: forms and definition of perder
to attend an event:asistía, asistías, asistía, asistíamos, asistíais, asistíanimperfect tense: forms and definition of asistir a
iba ibas, iba, íbamos, ibais, ibanimperfect tense: forms of ir
era, eras, era, éramos, erais, eranimperfect tense: forms of ser
veía, veías, veía, veíamos, veíais, veíanimperfect tense: forms of ver
escolar; autobus escolaradjective for school: ie--> school bus
1) to describe people, places in past, 2)time, weather, date, age in past, 3)action that happened more than once in past, 4) action that was continuous or kept on happening in past4 uses of the imperfect
competir (i, i)to compete
demostrar (ue)to demonstrate, show how to do something
el fútbol americanoAmerican football
la lucha librewrestling
el voleibólvolleyball
la nataciónswimming
nadieno one
a menudooften
muchas vecesmany times, often
siempre, nuncaalways, never
todos los díasevery day
molestar (gustar-like verb)to bother, irritate
El Camino de Santiago, Galicia, los celtas, la gaita,un peregrinothe name of the pilgrim's path that dates from the Middle Ages on which pilgrims walked/trekked to the burial site of Saint James; 2) the name of the region in Northwestern Spain where the burial site of Saint James is to be found, 3) an ethnic group that established itself in Galicia about 600 B.C. and brought their culture (metalworking, music, arquitecture with thatched roofs and stone, and the blond hair/blue & green eyes, 4) bagpipes, 5) pilgrim (person on a spiritual quest)
mientras tantomeanwhile, in the meantime
al principioin the beginning
despuésafter, afterwards
una iglesiaa church
más tardelater
un campamento para niñosa camp for kids
levantar pesasto lift weights
el miedo, tener miedofear, to be afraid
al llegar al pie de la montañaupon arriving at the foot of the mountain
el príncipe, la princesaprince, princess
hace mucho tiempoa long time ago
casarseto marry

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