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Vocabulary Review

Chapter 4 vocabulary

Iroquois Confederacythe union of five separate Iroquois peoples for a common purpose
adobea type of clay found in the earth
lodgea home made of logs covered with grasses, sticks and soil
teepeecone shaped tent made of animal skins
puebloa spanish word that means village
potlatcha special Tlingit feast at which guests, not hosts, receive gifts
longhousea long building made of poles covered with sheets of bark
wampumsmall, polished beads that were useually made from shells and strung or woven together
totem polea tall log carved with many designs
coup sticka special weapon used by the Lakota to touch an enemy without killing him
technologythe design and use of tools, ideas, and methods to solve problems
compromisethe settling of disputes by agreeing that each side will give up part of its demands
clana group of families who share the same ancestor
prairiea flat or gently rolling land covered mostly with grasses and wildflowers
travoisa sled-like device used for carrying people and belongings
jerkythin strips of dried meat
kachinaa spirit who the Hopi believe brings rain, helps crops grow, shows people how to live and behave, and brings peace and prosperity

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