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5th Hour Famous Scientists

Match the scientists with their discipline and with their famous accomplishments.

Jean PiagetFather of Cognitive Psychology
Fredrick Sangerbiochemist
Fredrick SangerDNA decoding
Antoine LavasierFather of Modern Chemistry
Jonas SalkFound vaccine for polio
Enrico Ferminuclear physicist
Enrico Fermicreated first atomic bomb
Antoni van Leeuwenhoekinventor of modern microscope
Antoni van Leeuwenhoekfirst to see and describe red blood cells
Alfred Wegnergeologist
Alfred Wegnerdeveloped theory of continental drift
Franz Boazanthropologist
Franz Boazused scientific method to study cultures
Johannes Keplerastronomer
Johannes Keplerdeveloped theory of planetary motion
Rosalyn Yalownuclear physicist
Michael Faradayphysicist & chemist
Michael Faradaydiscovered benzene
Grace Murray Hoppermathematician & computer scientist
Grace Murray Hopperconsidered the Mother of the Modern Computer
Grace Murray Hopperhelped to invent business language of COBOL for computers
Tycho Braheastronomer
Tycho Brahedemonstrated that the heavens could change
Stephen Hawkingastronomer & cosmologist
Stephen Hawkingstudied black holes
Stephen Hawkinguses augmentative communication to interact with others
Stephen Hawkingstudied the big bang theory
James Maxwellphysicist
James Maxwelldiscovered that light consists of electromagnetic waves
Dian Fosseyzoologist
Dian Fosseystudied mountain gorillas in Rowanda
Mary Leakeypaleoanthropologist
Mary Leakeystudied hominid fossils and produced evidence in support of evolution
Karl Landsteinerpathologist
Karl Landsteinerdiscovered that blood consists of four distinct types
Galileo Galileirenaissance scientist
Galileo Galileifirst to use telescope to study the sky
Albert Einsteinphysicist
Albert EinsteinTheory of Relativity
William Harveyphysician
William Harveydiscovered the circulation of blood and the role of the heart in propelling it
Jane Goodallzoologist
Jane Goodallstudied chimpanzees
Frederick Hopkinsbiochemist
Frederick Hopkinsfounder of modern biochemistry

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