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Comparing Living Things

Life process are the activities all living things do to stay alive. All living things are made up of one or more cells. Cells working together make up tissues, organs, and organ systems. Scientists classify living things by thier similarities and to show relatioships. Scientists classify living things into five kingdoms-moneran, protist, fungus, plant, and animal. Scientis divide the kingdoms into smaller groups of more closely related organisms. Scientists sometimes change their ideas about classifying organisms because they learn more about the organisms. Invertabrates are animals that do not have backbones. Vertebrates are animals that have backbones. Scientists classify plants by certain structures and by how they reproduce. Mosses are plants that are not vascular and do not have seeds and flowers. Ferns are vascular plants that do not have seeds or flowers. Conifers are vascular plants that reproduce by seeds that form in cones.

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