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4th grade Texas History

Vocabulary from Unit 1 and 2

tributepayment in the form of valuable goods and services
trotlinea long, heavy fishing line with several baited hooks
empirea large area with different peoples ruled by one country or leader
mestizoa person who is part Spanish and part Mexican Indian
missionarya person who teaches his or her religon o others who have different beliefs
prehistorythe time before written records
expeditiona journey of exploration
pueblothe Spanish word for "village"
teepeea cone-shaped tent that can be put up and taken down quickly
presidioa fort built to protect a mission o settlement
Cross timbersthe region of the North Central Plains of Texas
canyona deep valley with steep sides
elevationan area's height above sea level
mesquitea small tree with long roots
basina low, bowl-shaped landform surrounded by higher land
longitudethe distance east or west of the prime meridian
latitudea measure of distance on Earth north or south of the equator
Piney Woodsa lowland region on the coastal Plain of Texas
Southwestthe region of the United States in which Texas is located
St. Lawrence Seawayconnects the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean
El Pasowhere the borders of Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico meet
tributarya river that flows ino a large river
prairieflat rolling land covered with tall grass
mesaa wide, flat-topped hill with steep sides
barrier islandland that separates a gulf from the mainland
rain shadowthe side of a mountain range where little rain falls
Guadalupe Mountainsthe part of Texas with the highest elevation
San Antoniothe site of a ten-day Fiesta in April
Balcones Escarpmenta steep cliff that forms one boundary of Texas's "Hill Country"
Rio Grandea natural boundary between Texas and Mexico
adobebrick made from hay and straw, dried in the sun
artifactsobjects made by people in the past
Ice Agea time when glaciers covered much of Earth's surface
conquistadorone who takes ownership by force
historya word to describe past events that are preserved in written records
atlatla throwing stick that is attached to the end of a spear to make it go faster and farther

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