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Week 9 Spelling Challenge

Use these games to help you study for your spelling test this week.

apparitiona ghostly figure
fraudulentbased on trickery or cheating
lackadaisicallacking interest or spirit
provisionsstock of fook and other supplies
stealthysneaky, secret, or sly
contiguoustouching or nearby
solitarysole or lone
propositionproposal or suggestion
leechbloodsucking worm that lives in swamps and creeks
counterfeitnot genuine
unwittinglynot intentionally
motivateto have a reason for doing something
franticwild with anger, fear, worry, or pain
eloquencea skillful use of language
musterto gather or call forth
dronemonotonous talk
milestonean important event
exultationthe act of rejoicing
vigila lookout or a watch
eonperiod of time covering thousands of years
doggednot readily giving up
improviseto make up rules as the game goes on
foragingto search for what one needs or wants
maniacalwildly insane

Mrs. Meyer

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