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Geometry Concentration

Play a memory game with geometry terms.

linea straight path that extends infinitely in both directions
line segmenta part of a line that has two endpoints
raya straight path that extends in one direction from its endpoint
parallel lineslines that never meet and are always the same distance apart
parallelograma quadrilateral with two pairs of parallel sides
right anglea ninety degree angle
anglethis is formed by two rays or line segments with a common endpoint
acute anglean angle that is less than ninety degrees
obtuse anglean angle that is more than ninety degrees
hexagona six sided polygon
pentagona five sided polygon
octagonan eight sided polygon
endpoint a point at the end of a ray or line segment
intersecting lineslines that cross at a point
rectanglea parallelogram with four right angles
squarea parallelogram, rectangle, rhombus, and quadrilateral
rhombusa parallelogram with four congruent sides
trianglea three sided polygon
polygona closed figure made up of line segments
trapezoida quadrilateral that has exactly one pair of parallel sides

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