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SciVocab #8

Holt Section 4.3 Vocabulary +

alloya solid solution of metals or nonmetals dissolved in metals
homogeneous mixturea mixture that has the same appearance and properties throughout
mixturea combination of two or more substances that are not chemically combined
solutiona mixture that appears to be a single substance but is composed of particles of two or more substances that are distributed evenly amongst each other
solutethe substance that is dossolved to form a solution
solventthe substance in which a solute is dissolved to form a solution
concentrationa measure of the amount of solute dissolved in a solvent
solubilitythe ability to dissolve in another substance; more specifically, the amount of solute needed to make a saturated solution using a given amount of solvent at a certain temperature
suspensiona mixture in which particles of a material are dispersed throughout a liquid or gas but are large enough that they settle out
colloida mixture in which the particles are dispersed throughout but are not heavy enough to settle out

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