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hweek 8

consummate - cynicb

consummateperfect, compete
contiguousside by side, adjoining
contingentdependent, possible
contriteadmitting guilt, feeling remorseful
contrivedartificial, labored
coventionalcommon, customary
convivialfond of partying
copiousabundant, plentiful
corollarysomething that follows
corroborateto confirm
cosmopolitanat home in many places or situations
countenanceface, facial expression
coupa brilliant victory, the violent overthrow of a government
covenanta solemn agreement, a contract
covertsecret, hidden
covetto wish for enviously
credulouseager to believe, gullible
criterionstandard, basis for judgment
culinaryrelating to cooking or the kitchen
culminateto climax, to reach full effect
culpabledesearving blame, guilty
cursoryhasty, superficial
curtailto shorten
cynicone who distrusts humanity, one who believe humans are motivated by selfishness

Jane Blalock

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