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Organelle Operations

Match the cell part with its appropriate organelle function. Practice the game at least 2 times before calling Ms. Lawyer over to your computer. A grade will be given for the amount of organelles you match correctly out of 10.

ChloroplastGreen organelles found in plants
Cell WallRigid structure that supports a plant cell
OrganellesThe structures within a cell
CytoplasmGelatin-like material inside the cell
NucleusContains genetic information
RibosomeProtein production area
Cell MembraneForms the outer boundary of the cell
Endoplasmic ReticulumFolded membrane that moves materials around the cell
MitochondriaPowerhouse of the cell--makes energy
Golgi bodiesPackages cell products
LysosomeBreaks down food products
Nuclear Membraneprotective barrier around nucleus
Vacuoles and VesiclesStorage areas for a cell
ProkaryoteDoes not have a membrane around hereditary material
EukaryoteHas a nucleus surrounded by a membrane

Ms. Lawyer

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