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Greece vocab

geece vocab.

poliscity stae of ancient greece
Citizens a male ingabitant of a city who took part in government
Ariistocratnoble who owned land; provided calvery
TyrantA greek leader who seizes power; harsh in exercise of authority
oligarchyA government in which a small group holds political power
Demogracygovernment by the people
Rhetoricart of using words effectively when speaking
phalanxmilitary fromation
hoplitearmed Athenian citizen
helotsa farmer forced to raise food for the spartans
ephorsone of fire magistrates in the spartan government
meticsan artisan who works in athens; not a citizen
frescoa wass painting done in wet plaster
hero has a God and mortal for parents; daring deed
Myth a traditional story that explains natural phenomena, such as the origin of people
epica long narative poem celebrating the deeds of a legendary or historical hero
classical relating to the culture of ancient Greece and Rome, characterized by simple elegant graceful balance
tragedya dramatic story or play that often represents a terrible struggle or calamity
comedylight, amusing story or play with a happy ending
philosephera thinker or lover of wisdom
logicscience of correct reasoning and proof
sophist uses questions to try to show he's right and everyone else is wrong
socratic methodAsked questions to lead people to the answer

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