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Chapter 15

Ellis IslandCastle Garden in New York
Angel IslandWst Coast gained
culture shockconfusion and anxiety
melting potmixture of differant races
Chinese Exclusion Actbanned all chinese except students, teachers, merchants, tourist, and government officials.
Gentlemen's AgreementAgreement to limit immigration to the United States
urbanizationgrowth in the cities
row houseattached single family dwelling that shared side walls with other similar houses
dumbbell tenementlong narrow, five or six story building that were shaped like barbells
Socail Gosplel movementpreached salvation throughservice to the poor
settlement housescommunity centers in slum neighborhoods that provided assistance and friendship to local men ,women, and children especially immigrants
Jane Addamsfouned Chiago's Hull House in 1889
graftillegal use of political influence for personal gain
political machineorganized group that controlled the activities of a political party in a citiy
kickbackillegal payments
Tammany Hallone of the earliest and most powerful bosses
Tweed Ringa group of currupt politicians led by Boss Tweed
Thomas Nasta political cartoonist
patronagegiving government jobs to people who had helped a candidate get elected
civil servicegovernment administration
Rutherford B. Hayes1876 President
Stalwartswho opposed changes in the spoils system and reformers
James A. GarfieldOhio congressmen
Chester A. Arthurone of the Conkling's suporters
Pendleton Act1883 authorrized a bipartisan civil service commission to make appointments to federal jobs through the merit system
Grover Clevelandcaptured the presidency for the first time in 28 years with the election
Benjamin Harrisonthe grandson of President William Henry Harrison


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