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English Unit 3

vocabulary for English, unit 3

action verbtells what the subject does or did
verb phraseverb that is made up of more than one word
main verbexpresses action or being in the sentence
helping verbworks with the main verb but does not show action
direct objecttells who or what receives the action of the verb; can be a noun or a pronoun
transitive verbaction verb that has a direct object
intransitive verbhas no direct object
being verbshows a state of being; It is the verb in the sentence but doesn't show action
linking verblinks/connects the subject to a word in the predicate that tells more about it
predicate nounrenames the subject
predicate adjectivedescribes the subject
tensetells when the action or state of being takes place
present tensecurrently happening; now
past tensesomething that has already happened
future tensesomething is going to happen; often formed with will or shall
principal parts of verbsfour basic parts of the verb
present perfect tenseaction that took place at an indefinite time in the past and may still be going on
past perfect tenseaction in the past that is over; completed before another action took place
future perfect tenseaction that will be completed before another action in the future
irregular verbsnot formed by adding -ed to a word
subject-verb agreementverbs and subjects must agree in number
contractionword formed by combining two words and shortening one of them; uses an apostrophe for left out letters

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