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English 10 (Toohey/Roepe) Vocabulary # 5

altruisticunselfish, concerned with the welfare of others
benefactorone who does good to others
chivalrousmarked by honor, knightly
deartha lack, scarcity, a famine
diffidentshy, lacking self confidence, reserved
discrepancya difference, lack of agreement
embarkto go aboard, to invest
facileeasily done or attained, fluent
indomitableunconquerable, refusing to yield
infalliblefree from error, absolutely dependable
plodto walk heavily or slowly
pungentcausing a sharp sensation
remissneglectful, careless
reposeto rest, lie, place, relaxation
temerityrashness, boldness
clemencymercy, humaneness
truculentfierce and cruel, destructive
unfeignedsincere, without pretense
virulentextremely poisonous, spiteful

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