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Test Review - Rummenie

Native Americans, Explorers, Feudalism

head of gov't and religion for MAYASEmperor
MAYAS farmed _________.corn
MAYAS built structures made of __________mud walls, thatched roofs
The MAYAS had great cities such as ___________Tikal, Copan
Where were the MAYAS found?rainforests of Mexico and Guatemala
What did the MAYAS study?stars and sun
Who created a calendar of 365 days and a number system?Mayas
writing that used pictures to represent ideas, used by the MAYAShieroglyphics
What were the levels of social classes of the MAYAS?Emperor, Priests, nobles / gov't / warriors, peasants, slaves
Who controlled all of the land and riches in the INCAN empire?Sapa Inca
Where were the INCAS found?3000 miles along the western coast of South America
What was the capital of the INCAS?Cuzeo
Where were the INCAN living quarters?built stone terraces into steep mountains
How did the INCAS get water to the terraces?aqueducts
The INCAS were known for growing _________potatos
Where did the INCAS believe their Emperor came from?the sun god
What was special about the INCAN temples?the walls were plated with gold
Which tribe has an Emporer with ABSOLUTE power?Aztecs
What was the AZTEC capital?Tenochtitlan
The AZTECS were _______ people who moved from place to place.nomadic
The AZTECS built ________ to connect the island with the mainlandcauseways
Where did the AZTECS plant their 7 crops?in the swamps
How was the AZTEC calendar set up?18 months - each month had its own god
The AZTECS were known as _________"Warriors of the Sun"
leader of the VikingsEric the Red
Who were the first Europeans to reach North America?Vikings
Where did the Vikings first land?Newfoundland
characteristics of Vikingspowerful, violent, barbaric people
Vikings discoveredGreenland, Iceland
ConquistadorsSpanish warriors
serfsomeone who worked the land on a manor and was allowed to live there in exchange for working
Feudalismrule by lords, nobles who owe loyalty to the King
lordsgovern the manor
manorvillage or group of villages under control of lord
social structure of feudalism (triangle)King, nobles / lords, priests / clergy, merchants / tradesmen, peasants / farmers (serfs)
self sufficientability to live amongst the manor w/out needing any outside help
BalboaSpanish explorer who discovered the Pacific Ocean
Spanish explorer who sailed around the worldMagellan
Cortez(Spanish) conquered the Aztecs
Pizarro(Spanish Conquistador) conquered the Incas
reasons why the Spanish explored:to find GOLD, serve GOD, get GLORY
ColumbusSpanish explorer, discovered America while looking for direct route to Asia
Why did the Aztec and Incan civilizations fall (get destroyed)?technology, disease, horses

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