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Vocabulary Game #1

beckonedsignaled, motioned to
genealogistone who studies or investigates family history
descentancestry, lineage
spawnedproduced, gave rise to
shunningavioding, keeping away from
cointo make, devise
mosqueislamic place of worship
assimilationabsorption of a minority group into a prevailing culture
plummetto decline suddenly or steeply, plunge
rambunctiousboisterous and disorderly; noisy and undisciplined
miredstuck, entangled, trapped
spatea sudden flood, rush, or outpouring
rashoutbreak of events within a brief time
rhetoricpretentious, insincere, intellectually vacant language
scoffsridicules, mocks
precursorpredecessor, forerunner; an indicator of something that is to come
inclusivenesstaking in all or everything in its scope
advocatessupporters of a cause
conglomerategroup of businesses or companies
rubrica rule or direction
reiteratedsaid or done again, repeated
caterprovide food service, attend to someone's needs
adheresreamins attached, follows devotedly
ramificationsdevelopments, consequences
prototypean original that serves as a standard
amoralneither moral nor immoral, not caring about right or wrong
maudlintearfully sentimental
poignantprofoundly moving, touching
quirkyodd, peculiar
affluentwealthy, prosperous
dysfunctionalnot functioning, not working, impaired
premiseproposition, plan on which an argument (or story) is based
elegiacrealting to mourning or expressing sorrow for something that is over or gone
proliferationrapid growth or spread
defianceresistance to force or authority, open hastility
counseladvice, guidance
defectivefaulty, abnormal
explicitlyfully and clearly expressed
illiterateunable to read or write, having no formal education
naughtnothingness, nonexistence, insignificant
vaguelynot clearly expressed, indistinctly
cascadedfell, tumbled
resolvedetermination, firmness of purpose
hemorrhagedbled excessively
mannequinsmodels of the hhuman body, dummies for displaying clothes
faintheartedtimid, lacking courage
eeriecausing fear or uneasiness, mysterious
haplessluckless, unfortunate
patronizinglooking down on, condescending
exoticunusual, different, intriguing
interloperone that interferes with the affairs of others
ricochet to rebound at least once from a surface
expulsionthe act of being driven out or forced to leave
refugeprotection, shelter, safety
unleavenedlacking an agent such as yeast that cause rising, as with bread
nominallyexisting in name only, insignificant
lingerto remain, to be slow in leaving
cognizanceknowledge, recognition, awareness
sagaa long detailed report
compellingurgently requiring attention
obscuritythe state of being unknown or difficult to understand
genealogya record of a person's or family's descent, lineage
intermediaryone who acts as a mediator or a go-between
exhilaratedrefreshed, energized, invigorated
confiscatedseized by authority or as if by authority
vengeancepunishment in return for a wrong, extreme violence or force

Dale Jung

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