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The concentration game on Chapter 19 Fungi.

Fungi are____ heterotrophseukaryotic
saprophytesorganisms that obtain food from decaying organic matter
symbiontsorganisms that live in close association with organisms of another species
myceliummass of interwoven filaments
hyphaeindividuals filaments of mycelium
How are the 5 phyla of fungi classified?reproduction and basic structure
What are the 5 phyla of fungi?oomycota, zygomycota, mycota, basidiomycota, Deuteromycota
What is the largest phylum of fungi?mycota
What role does fungi play in the environment?It decompose and recycle living matter
What fungi is not know to reproduce sexually?Deuteromycota
What are lichens?symbiotic partnerships between fungus and a photosynthetic organism
What are the common yeast used for?baking and brewery
What disease caused by a fungi influenced the history of Ireland?Phytphthora infestans (potato blight)
Name three dieseases in humans caused by fungi?athlete's foot, ringworm, yeast infection
What is the only fungus to produce motile spores?oomycota
In the phylum zygomycota, what is formed after sexual reproduction?a diploid cell
Penicillium is an example of in organism in what Fungi phylum?Deuteromycota
when is a gametangium formed? when the hyphae of opposite mating types meet each hypha forms a gametangium
What is a zygospore?a thick walled zygote formed during the sexual reproduction of a organism in the phyla Zygomycota
What is a basidium?a specilized reproductive structure in basidomcetes

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