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Vietnam: A Timeline

Emperor Tu Duc signs treaty with the French granting broad concessions1862
Ho Chi Minh born in Central Vietnam1890
Ho Chi Minh petitions Versailles Conference for self determination for Vietnam1919
Formation of the IndoChinese Communist Party1930
Bao Dai becomes emperor of Vietnam1932
Japanese occupy IndoChina1940
Ho Chi Minh returns to Vietnam and establishes the Vietminh1941
Vietnam becomes an associated state within the French union1949
Ho Chi Minh declares the Democratic Republic of Vietnam1950
Battle of Dienbienphu, French suffer military defeat leads to Geneva confernce1954
U.S. begins to train the South Vietnamese army, Diem becomes President of South Vietnam and declares a republic1955
Diem is overthrown in a military coup and killed1963
Tonkin Gulf Resolution in response to attack on American destroyers1964
Pres. Johnson authorizes sustained bombing of North Vietnam and sends first combat troops to South Vietnam1965
Tet Offensive: Attempt by the Vietcong to attack every major city and provincial capital in the south1968
Pres. Nixon begins secret bombing of Cambodia1969
Henry Kissinger begins secret negotiations with North Vietnamese representatives in Paris1970
Ceasefire formally signed in Paris1973
Cambodian capital of Phnompenh falls to Khmer Rouge, South Vietnam overrun by North Vietnamese troops1975
Vietnam joins Comecon and signs a friendship pact with Soviet Union 1978

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