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Hardware Review

ComputerAn electronic device that is prgrammed to accept data, process data, store data, and produce results.
Software/ProgramSet of instructions that tells the computer what to do.
Information Processing CycleInput, Output, Processing, Storage
CPUBrain of the computer; performs arithmetic and logical operations
HardwarePhysical components of a computer system
System UnitStores the motherboard, bpower supply, storage devices, and expansion slots
ScannerAn optical device that transforms pictures and photographs from a printed page into digitized images on the screen
MouseInput device that moves the cursor on the screen
CD-ROMSmall optical disk that uses the same laser technology as audio compact disks; able to hold amost 650 MB of data
Hard diskThe large auxiliary storage device fixed inside the system unit that stores and saves everything you put into the computer even after you turn it off
MultimediaThe combination of text, graphics, sound, and video.
ResolutionThe number of horizontal and vertical pixels that a monitor can display
Hard copyA piece of paper that has your printed work on it
Expansion slotsSockets on the motherboard where you can attach expansion cards
Burner/writerA peripheral device that can record data on a CD-R disk and let you produce an audio CD-ROM
JoystickAn input device that uses the movement of a vertical stem to direct the pointer; often used with computer games and have buttons you can press to activate certain events.
ROMPermanent memory chip inside a computer that contains the instructions that a computer follows each time it is booted; its contents cannot be changed
Disk driveThe part of a computer that reads programs and data from your disk
FormattingPreparing a disk for use
Sector The pie shaped area on a disk.
PentiumFifth generation of Intel's computer chips
NetworkA group of computers that are connected so that they may share files, program, hardware, etc.
Computer systemAll parts of the computer together; it is made up of the CPU, memory, peripheral devices, and the operating system
BitThe smallest unit of data that a computer can process
ByteEqual to one character.
KilobyteEqual to approximately 1000 bytes.
MegabyteEqual to approximately one million bytes.
GigabyteEqual to approximately one billion bytes.
TerabyteEqual to approximately one trillion bytes.
KeyboardInput device used to enter data into a computer
RAMA computer's main workplace; it is temporary memory, because once you turn it off, all of its contents are erased or lost
MotherboardLargest circuitboard inside a computer
Floppy diskStorage device used to save or store information and physically transport programs from one computer to another; are either 3.5" or 5.25" in diameter
TrackballSimilar to a mouse; it consists of a ball set upon a square or rectangle mount; as you rotate the ball, the cursor moves
ModemConverts signals from a telephone into digital pulses a computer can understand
Touch screenYou touch the screen with your finger to activate your choice
PrinterOutput device that prints whatever is on the monitor onto a piece of paper
Dot matrix printerPrints images using a series of dot patterns
Laser printerUses a laser beam of heat and a drum to make toner stock to paper to make text print onto paper
Ink jet printerUses a fine jet of electricity charged ink to print characters on paper

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