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Microscope Mania

Test your knowledge of the microscope!

ArmSide of the microscope that is used to support it when carried
Coarse Adjustment KnobPart that moves the stage up and down to help you get the specimen into view
Fine Adjustment KnobPart of the microscope that helps you sharpen or "fine" tune the view
DiaphragmPart that helps you regulate the amount of light that reaches the specimen
BaseBottom part of the microscope
EyepiecePart at the top of the microscope that allows you to view the specimen
NosepieceThe part that holds the objective lenses and is able to rotate to change magnification
Objective LensesThese are found on the nosepiece and range from low to high power
Stage ClipsUsed to hold a slide in place on the stage
Light SourceProjects light upwards through the diaphragm to allow you to see the specimen
StagePart of the microscope that supports the slide that is being viewed
Cover SlipSmall glass or plastic piece that is used to cover a water droplet on a slide
SlideSmall glass plate on which specimen are placed for viewing
PowerRefers to the degree of magnification

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