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Our Dynamic Planet Vocabulary!

An overview of the basic vocabulary needed to understand our Dynamic Planet!

Terrestrial PlanetEarth like planet
Terrestrial PlanetSolid, nickel - iron core planets
Jovian PlanetsPlanets like Jupiter
Jovian PlanetsPlanets composed of gases
LithosphereThe Solid part of the Earth
TerraReal scientific name of the Earth
HydrosphereThe water part of the Earth
CryosphereThe frozen part of the Earth
AtmosphereThe gaseous envelope surrounding the Earth
BiosphereThe living part of the Earth
CrustOuter skin of the planet
MantleSemi solid middle portion of the Earth
coreInnermost portion of Earth, made of Nickel-iron compounds
TiltInclination of the Earth towards the sun.
OrbitPath Earth takes as it circles the sun.
EllipticalTrue shape of the Orbit of the Earth
23.5 degreesAmount of the tilt of the Earth.
365.26 daysThe actual time it takes to orbit the sun.
23 hours 54 minutes 4 secondsThe actual time it takes to revolve once on our axis
RotationThe spinning action of Earth on it's axis.
Autuminal EquinoxWhen the Sun strikes the Earth on the equator.
Autuminal EquinoxSept 22, first day of Fall season
Winter solisticeDec 21, first day of winter
Winter SolisticeWhen the sun is striking the Tropic of Capricorn
Vernal EquinoxMarch 21st, first day of Spring
Vernal EquinoxWhen the sun is striking the equator
Summer SolisticeJune 21st the start of Summer
Summer SolisticeWhen the sun is striking the Tropic of Cancer
SolisticeWhen the sun strikes one of the tropics
Equinox"Equal Night" 12 hours of night/day
Summer SolisticeLongest day of the year for us
Winter SolisticeLongest night of the year for us
January 3rdClosest point of approach to the Sun, 154 Mkm
July 4thFarthest distance from the Sun, 151 Mkm
PrecessionMotion of Earth on it's axis
NutationWobble of Earth on it's axis
RevolutionAmount of time it takes to orbit something
EratosthenesGreek astronomer who figured out Earth's size!
MagellianFirst person to actually travel around the Earth
Hemispherestop and bottom portion of Earth divided by the equator

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