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Open Door Policykept Chinese ports open to vessels of all nations
Roosevelt Corollarythe United States would intervene in Latin American affairs when necessary
Pan-Americanismidea that the U.S. and Latin America should work together
Anglo-Saxonismthe U.S. had a duty to shape “less civilized” areas
Matthew C. Perrytook a naval expedition to Japan
Platt Amendmentensured that Cuba would remain tied to the United States
protectoratelocal rulers had to accept advice from an imperial power
dollar diplomacyif American business leaders supported Latin American and Asian development, everyone would benefit
Theodore Roosevelt“Speak softly and carry a big stick.”
William Howard Taft“dollar diplomacy”
Alfred T. Mahannaval officer whose book built public support for a large navy
Interstate Commerce CommissionvRegulation of Big Business
referendumallowed proposed legislation to be submitted to the voters for approval
scientific managementefficiency
Social WelfareWomen’s Christian Temperance Union
commission plancities run by people who had expertise in city services
muckrakerexposed corruption and scandal
initiativeallowed a group of citizens to introduce legislation and required the legislature to vote on it
temperancemovement for moderation or elimination of alcohol
prohibitionbanned the manufacture, sale, and consumption of alcohol
Nineteenth Amendmentguaranteed women the right to vote
Sussex Pledgepromise not to sink more merchant ships without warning
Black HandSerbian nationalist group behind assassination of Archduke Ferdinand
Pancho VillaMexican guerrilla leader who conducted raids into the U.S.
espionagespying to acquire government secrets
Vladimir LeninBolshevik leader
Langston Hugheswriter who became a leading voice of the African American experience in the United States
Duke Ellingtoncomposer, pianist, and bandleader whose sound was a blend of improvisation and orchestration
bootleggingillegal production and distribution of liquor
evolutionhuman beings developed from lower forms of life
Great Migrationcreated powerful African American voting blocs in Northern cities
flappersbobbed their hair and drank prohibited liquor
eugenicswarned against breeding the “unfit” or “inferior”
Scopes trialdramatic duel between fundamentalism and modernism
creationismGod created the world as described in the Bible
supply-side economicsgrowth through lower taxes
welfare capitalismprofit sharing, medical care benefits, and pensions
reparationspayments Germany was required to make as punishment for starting the war
assembly lineenormously increased manufacturing efficiency
Albert B. Fallfirst cabinet officer in history to go to prison
Black Tuesdaystock market crash
bank runmany depositors withdrawing money at once
speculationinvesting in the stock market hoping for a quick profit
budget deficitspending more than is collected in taxes
stock marketsystem for buying and selling shares of companies
margin callstockbroker’s demand for immediate repayment of a loan

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