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Jack's SSAT Vocabulary

jeerto make fun of
parodya humorous imitation
recreationsomething done for fun, a hobby or game
skita short comic scene
adjunctsomething added on
coalesceto come together
congealto change from liquid to solid, thicken
consensusan agreement
contiguouslying side by side
fissionsplitting apart
fusionjoining together
integrateto bring together and make whole
juxtaposeto place side by side
pacta formal agreement or bargain
rendezvousa meeting, usually secret
abdicateto give up power
accordto be in agreement
allegeto declare that something is true without proof
assessto evaluate or determine the worth of
condoneto forgive
conventionaltraditional, ordinary
counselto advise
debunkto prove false
decreean order or command
inquirya request for information
ratifyto approve, usually a law
sustainto support
amorphouswithout shape
itinerantnomadic, constantly moving
obscurehidden, dark, hard to see
remotefar away, distant
writheto twist
epocha period of time
intangiblenot able to be touched or sensed
polymorphoushaving many shapes
prolificvery productive - a prolific writer has written many books or articles
sporadichaving no pattern or order
surrogatea substitute
variegatedhaving many parts or colors
akinrelated to or alike
amiablefriendly, good natured
vivaciousfull of life
extolto praise
placateto quiet down, appease
altruisticdoing good for others
aspirantsomeone reaching for something (aspirations)
astutesharp, shrewd
debilitatingweakening, harmful
deficientlacking an essential part (his diet is deficient in calcium)
insolentdisrespectful, rude
notoriousknown widely and unfavorably
profaneto treat with disrespect
recalcitrantstubborn, disobedient
warlocka male witch
aloofkeeping a distance
banalunoriginal and boring
belligerenthostile, warlike
browbeatto intimidate
garrulousoverly talkative
incompetentnot able to do something properly
insipidlacking interest, dull, boring
curmudgeonsomeone who is irritable or stubborn
ostentatiousshowy, pretentious
pedanticoverly scholarly, boring
ravenousextremely hungry
sanctimoniousacting morally superior
abyssa deep narrow pit
barragea flood
brigthe prison of a ship
hovela shack
indictmenta situation of having been charged with a crime
quivera portable container for arrows
plighta bad situation, a predicament
rueto regret
adverseunfavorable (the adverse conditions made it nearly impossible to reach the summit of the mountain)
corpulentexcessively overweight
founderto sink
impassea deadlock
incumbentsomeone who is currently holding a political position
insinuationa sneaky suggestion of something bad
marto spoil
nullzero value
repudiateto put down, to renounce
rusea clever trick
sedateto calm, especially by use of a drug
slandera false and mean-spirited statement meant to injure someone
superfluousmore than what is needed
exquisitebeautifully made or designed
immaculateperfectly clean
meticulouscareful, paying attention to details
piousdeeply religious
illuminateto light up or make clear
implyto express indirectly
lamentto express grief for, mourn
reminiscencea memory, the act of recalling the past
dormanttemporarily inactive, asleep
eradicateto erase, get rid of
excavateto dig up
fundamentalan essential part
innatepossessed at birth, not learned
mergeto blend together
adeptvery skilled
facetan aspect of something
inscribeto write or etch words on or into a surface
novicea beginner
procureto get, obtain
tenaciousholding firmly, especially to a belief
toilto work hard
vigorstrength, energy
waneto decrease in size
admiringregarding with respect
ambivalenthaving opposing or mixed feelings
analyticalintending to understand the nature of something
biasedfavoring one side or opinion over another
ironicdeliberately stating the opposite of the truth
jubilantoverly joyful
objectivenot influenced by personal opinion, just the facts
sarcasticthe use of wittly language used to insult or show displeasure
somberoverly serious
subjectiveinfluenced by personal opinion
temperamentyour usual mood or behavior
adjacentnext to
arbitratora person chosen to settle a dispute
amisticea truce
brandishto shake or wave
brevitythe quality of being brief
cataclysma sudden, violent change in the earth's surface
cavalcadea procession or long parade, especially of people on horseback
defunctdead, extinct
destitutelacking resources, deprived, penniless
dingydark, dull, dirty
dwindleto become smaller, shrink
eminentstanding out and easily noticed
incoherentdifficult to understand
influxflowing in
inhibitto restrain, hinder, hold back
inquesta legal inquiry before a jury
iotaa small quantity
lankyungracefully tall and thin
larcenythe act of stealing
masonrystonework - brickwork
memoranduma short note or reminder
remitto send money
rendezvousan appointed place for a meeting
scoffto mock
sultryuncomfortably hot and close
vagabondwandering, homeless
boisterousrough and noisy
concoctto make by combining ingredients or to concoct a plan
confideto tell as a secret
congealto change from a fluid to a solid
deludeto mislead or deceive
despondentvery sad
disdainto hate
doursullen or gloomy
expositiona large public exhibition or an explanation
extricateto disentangle
forlornsad and lonely due to isolation
incessantcontinuing without interruption
indeliblenot able to be erased
inquisitora harsh, merciless questioner
lamentto express grief or sorrow
menageriea collection of animals
omitto leave out
paucitysmallness of quantity
petitiona formal written request
scornopen contempt, mockery
stigmaa mark of shame
stymieto block or hinder
truantone who is absent without permission
vestibulea small room at the entrance of a building

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