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Matching Constitution Facts

7 years a citizenHouse of Representatives
25 years of ageHouse of Representatives
Legal resident of the stateHOuse of Representatives and the Senate
9 years a citizenSenate
30 years a citizenSenate
35 years of agePresident
Natural born citizenPresident
14 years a resident of the USPresident
2 year term of officeHouse of Representatives
6 year term of officeSenate
4 year term of officePresident
Limited to 2 terms in officePresident
People's BranchCongress
Presides over the SenateVice President
No elected officialsJudicial Branch
No constitutional requirementsFederal Judges
No set term of officeFederal Judges
Article ICongress
Article IIPresident
Article IIIJudicial Branch
Can impeachHouse of Representatives
Tries impeachmentsSenate
Revenue bills begin hereHouse of Representatives
Approves presidential appointmentsSenate
Ratifies treatiesSenate
Most independent branchJudicial
Title of the presiding officer of the House of RepresentativesSpeaker
Can declare warCongress
Can taxCongress
Can veto billsPresident
Can override a presidential vetoCongress
Can declare actions of the President unconstitutionalFederal Courts
Makes lawsLegislative branch
Enforces lawsExecutive Branch
Interprets lawsJudicial branch
Proposes amendmentsCongress
Legislative BranchCongress
Executive BranchPresident
Judicial BranchCourts
Controls interstate commerceCongress

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