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to shaveafeitarse
cepillarseto brush
to get washedlavarse
pintarseto put on make up
to take off; to removequitarse
callarseto keep quiet
to get uplevantarse
cortarseto cut
to combpeinarse
secarseto dry
to stayquedarse
marcharseto leave
to wake updespertarse
acostarseto go to bed
to hurrydarse (prisa)
despedirseto say good-bye
to get dressedvestirse
aburrirseto get bored
to get tiredcansarse (de)
sentarseto sit down
to go awayirse
dormirseto fall asleep
to get / be happyalegrarse (de)
enfadarse / enojarse (con)to get angry
to get angryenojarse / enfadarse (con)
irritarse (con)to get irritated
to get worriedpreocuparse (por)
sentirseto feel
to realizedarse cuenta (de)
portarse (bien)to behave
to misbehaveportarse (mal)
tomarse (por)to take oneself
to get impatientimpacientarse
ocuparse (de)to occupy oneself
to have fundivertirse
burlarse (de)to make fun of
to make a mistakeequivocarse (de)
quejarse (de)to complain about

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