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CERTAMEN: Parts of the body

This vocabulary drill should cover any parts of the body questions that come up in certamen. I have provided each word with the Nom/Acc endings. REMEMBER: adjectives have to agree in case,number and gender with the word it modifies so if the question is, "How many ears do you have?", you must answer "duAE aurES".

caput/caput (n)head
oculus/oculum (m)eye
capilli/capillos (m pl)hair
facies/faciem (f -5th decl)face
nasus/nasum (m)nose
auris/aurem (f)ear
frons/frontem (f)forehead
os/os (n)mouth
gena/genam (f)cheek
manus/manum (f-4th decl)hand
supercilium/supercilium (n)eyebrow
pes/pedem (m)foot
genu/genu (n)knee
digitus/digitum (m)finger
labia/labia (n pl)lips
bracchium/brachium (n)arm
collum/collum (n)neck
crus/crus (n)leg
humerus/humerum (m)shoulder
pollex/pollicem (m)thumb
tangetouch! (one person)
tangitetouch! (more than one person)

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