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Poetry Learning

This is to help with your poetry. So don't just guess.
Do it! Don't Goof off. Do it!!!!!!!!!!

PoetIs one who makes or " fashions" poetry.
Slangrefers to very informal and sub standard vocabulary
PersonificationGiving human traits to nonhuman or abstract things.
ImageryLanguage that triggers your mind to recall and combined images.
SimileComparison using like or as.
MetaphorComparison using is.
AlliterationIs either the repetition of idention consonant sounds that begin syllables in close pattern.
HyperboleIs a type of figurative language that depends on intentional overstatement.
StressRefersto the accent or emphasis,either strong or weak, given to each syllable in a piece of writing.
ElisionRefers to the leaving out of an unstress syllable.

Amber Pope

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