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Science E3 Weather Patterns -Gr. 4- Houghton Mifflin Discovery Works

Terms from Grade 4, Discovery Works, Chapter E3 Weather Patterns

Air massA large body of air that has about the same temperature, air pressure, and moisture throughout.
Cirrus cloudA thin, feathery cloud made up of ice crystals high in the sky.
Cold frontThe leading edge of a cold air mass that forms as the cold air mass moves into a warm air mass.
Cumulus cloudA large puffy cloud.
Flash floodA sudden, violent flood.
FrontThe place where two air masses meet.
HurricaneA large violent storm accompanied by strong winds and, usually, heavy rain.
Stratus cloudA low, flat cloud that often brings drizzle.
ThunderstormA storm that produces lightning and thunder and often heavy rain and strong winds.
TornadoA violent, funnel-shaped storm of spinning wind.
Warm frontThe leading edge of a warm air mass that forms as the warm air mass moves forward into a cold air mass.
Weather forecasterA person who makes weather predictions or reports weather conditions.
Weather satelliteA human-made device in space that takes pictures of Earth and collects information about the weather.

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