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Course 1 Chapter 3 & 4 Vocabulary Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying and Dividing Decimals

clusteringAn estimation method in which a group of numbers close in value are rounded to the same number.
expanded formThe sum of the products of each digit and its place value of a number.
standard formNumbers written without exponents.
equivalent decimalsDecimals that name the same number.
front-end estimationAn estimation method in which the front digits are added or subtracted first, then the digits in the next place value position are added or subtracted.
dividendIn a division problem, the number that is being divided.
divisorIn a division problem, the number of parts that a number is being divided into.
quotientThe answer to a division problem.
factorIn a multiplication problem, the numbers being multiplied together.
productThe answer to a multiplication problem.
addendIn an addition problem, the numbers being added together.
sumThe answer to an addition problem.
differenceThe answer to a subtraction problem.

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