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Foundation Plans

Parts needed to put together a foundation.

pilasterReinforcing column built into or against masonry wall
lintelHorizontal steel member provides support for masonry over openings
stretcherCourse of masonry laid horizontal with the end of the unit exposed
aggregateStone, gravel, cinder, or slag used as components of concrete
CMUConcrete Masonry Unit
foundation wallVertical wall that extendsfrom footing to first-floor
frost lineDepth to which soil freezes
girderHorizontal support member at the foundation level
pierConcrete or masonry foundation pillar support used to support floor system
monolithicConcrete construction created in one pour
rebarReinforcing steel used to strengthen concrete
dead loadWeight of building materials or other immovable objects in a structure
live loadLoads from furniture, people, snow, and winds
footinglowest member of foundation system used to spread load of structure across the soil
unexcavatedUndisturbed earth that has not been dug out or filled
formswood or plastic molds used to create footings from poured concrete
polyetheleneVapor barrier sheeting, generally 6 mil, used to block moisture
pargingThin coat of plaster used to smooth a masonry surface
drain tileBuried drainage system used to run-off storm water away from foundation
jamb blockConcrete block that is shaped to go around the jamb

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