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Dimension linesTerminated by arrowheads
Dimension linesShows the beginning and the end of the measurement
Dimension linesThin line weight
Dimension linesShould be broken to allow for the numbers to be inserted
Dimension linesminimum of 3/8" away from the object
Dimension linesminimum of 1/4" away from parallel dimension lines
Extension lines1. Extend the edge of the object
Extension linesThin line
Extension lines1/16" gap between the object and the start of the extension line
Extension linesExtend about 1/8" beyond the last dimension line
LeadersAre drawn at an angle (usually 30°, 45°, or 60°).
Leadershave a short (1/8") shoulder
Leadersend with an arrowhead
Leadersshould not cross over dimension lines
LeadersAvoid making parallel or perpendicular to visible edges
Leadersextend from the first word or the last word of the note
ArrowheadsCan be solid filled or open
Arrowheads1/8" long
Arrowheads3 times as long as wide
Fractional inchesUsed where close tolerances are not important
Fractional inchesThe fraction bar is horizontal
Fractional inchesOmit the inch mark
Metricmillimeter is the standard unit of measure
Metricabbreviation for millimeters (mm) is usually omitted
Metric4. If the value is less than one millimeter, a zero should precede the decimal point
Decimal inchesOmit zero before the decimal point for values of less than one
Decimal inchesshould be rounded to two decimal places
Decimal inchesthe ANSI standard
claritynumber one rule of dimensioning
dimensionsplaced where the shape is best shown
dimensionsShortest placed closest to the object
dimensionsGroup and align when possible
dimensions5. Avoid duplicate and/or unnecessary
dimensionsDo not place to coincide with a line of a drawing
dimensionsAvoid crowding
dimensionsavoid placing inside a view
dimensionsAvoid hidden features
dimensionsPlace between views to which they relate
dimension linesthin and dark
dimension linescontrast noticeably with visible lines
dimensionsdescribe both size and location of features
ArcsDimension by using the radius
CirclesDimension by using the diameter
Circlessymbol precedes the circle size
circlesUse a "X" when describing quantity

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