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Study Helps for Technique Quiz

The "j" key is struck byright index finger
The "L" key is struck byright ring finger
The best control of eyes while keying involveslooking at the copy most of the time
In proper work area arrangement, the copy should beto the right of the monitor and keyboard
The correct keystroke technique is to usequick, snappy strokes
Correct keyboarding posture requires that the body bereasonably erect in front of the keyboard
The "a s d f" homerow keys are struck by theleft hand
The ";" key is struck by theright pinky finger
The form and keying style that a typist uses while operating the keyboardtechnique
Most commonly used keyboard arrangementQWERTY
When keying copy the hands and arms shouldremain relatively stationary as each key is struck
The space bar is struck byright thumb
Fingers in keying position as best described ascurved
The body should be well back in the chair withthe back fairly straight
The "s" key is struck byleft ring finger
The "j k l ;" homerow keys are struck byright hand
Wrists should below but not touching the frame of the keyboard
Your GWAM if you type 60 characters in one minute12
The "d" key is struck by theleft middle finger
The enter key is controlled by theright little finger

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