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Support and Movement of the Body

This activity covers the Skeletal system and Muscular systems of the human body.

skeletonthe system of bones that supports and protects the body and the organs in it
skullbones of the face joined together with the bones that protect the brain
bone marrowa soft material inside the long bones of the arms and legs. Old blood cells are repaired and new blood cells are made here.
femurthe long bone in the thigh
cartilagea solf bonelike material that bends
jointthe place where tow or more bones are joined together
ligamentsstrong cords of tissue that hold bones together at joints
ball and socket jointthe kind of joint that allows the most movement of bones
hinge jointthe type of joint that allows bones to move back and forth
pivot jointthe type of joint that allows movement from side to side
fixed jointthe type of joint that does not move
tendonsa tough cord that attaches muscles to bones
voluntary musclesmuscles you can control
involuntary musclesmuscles you cannot control
Skeletal musclesvoluntary muscles that move bones
smooth musclesinvoluntary muscles that make up the blood vessels, stomach, intestines, and other organs
Heart musclea special kind of involuntary muscle that makes up the heart
fracturea crack or break in a bone
simple fracturea break in a bone that does not push the bone through the skin
compound fracturea break in a bone in which the bone pushes through the skin
sprainan injury in which a ligament is stretched or torn
strainan injury caused by overstretching a muscle or tendon
crampa sudden or strong contraction of a muscle

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