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Capitulo 3 Primer Paso

Vocabulary for chapter 3

to change a lotcambiar mucho
to get worseempeorar
to come from outsidevenir de afuera
I think it's worth itCreo que vale la pena
It is true thatEs cierto que
What's important isLo que es importante es
What I notice is thatLo que noto es que
I imagine thatMe imagino que
It seems to me thatMe parece que
Let's seeA ver
The truth is thatLa verdad es que
but on the other handpero por otro lado
Well (2)Bueno, pues
at the same timea la vez
to adaptadaptarse
the advanceslos adelantos
the freewayla autopista
computer sciencela computacio'n
the answering machineel contestador
the disadvantagela desventaja
right awayen seguida
the microwaveel horno de microondas
nowadayshoy en di'a
skyscraperel rascacielos
the centuryel siglo
the technologyla tecnologi'a
the cell phoneel tele'fono celular
the advantagela ventaja
daily lifela vida diaria
to improvemejorar
to growcrecer (zc)
air qualityla calidad del aire

Sra. Ross

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