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Mister Fudge & Missy Moran Vocabulary

boltedlocked, moved suddenly, ate quickly
coloniesgroups of living things, places ruled by another country
custodycaring for someone, or being held by the police
denyto refuse to believe, to say no to: "I was NOT talking, SHOOT!!!"
gimmickstricks, gadgets
grilledbroiled on a grill, or questioned strongly
limpa type of walk, like if your foot is hurt, or flabby and loose.
meditationdeep thought
panicsudden extreme fear "WHAT?! We're having a TEST?!!!"
pointershints or suggestions, or a type of hunting dog.
representto stand for, or to be an example of
Christina VincentThe sister of the best teacher in the world.
Denise ChavezA famous Hispanic writer
Lee TrevinoA very talented golfer.
Rita MorenoShe was in West Side Story
Jaime EscalanteTaught Physics and Math.
achedfelt pain or sorrow
apparenteasy to see, obvious
flipfresh, sassy
misfortunebad luck
profitsthe money you make in a business.
propersocially correct
ritzyelegant, fancy
scrimpspend money very carefully
secureto fasten tightly or to protect
slimthin, not much
wisecracksclever remarks, jokes

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