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The Cold War --the early years

Key events, people, and terms from the early years of the Cold War

Joseph StalinLeader of the Soviet Union after WW II
BerlinCity divided into free and communist sections
George MarshallTruman's secretary of state who proposed the Marshall Plan
Marshall Planbillions of dollars aimed at rebuilding war-torn Europe
Truman DoctrineU.S. will aid any free country threatened by a communist take-over
iron curtainimaginary line separating free and communist Europe
Mao Zedongled China's revolution to a communist system
communismgovernment makes all economic decisions
capitalismpeople and businesses make the economic decisions
dictatorshipmethod of ruling in which people are not allowed to vote
Koreacountry divided along the 38th parallel
UNorganization formed in 1945 to ensure world peace
Khrushchevfiery leader of the Soviet Union during the Cuban Missile Crisis
Flexible Responsename given to John F. Kennedy's foreign policy
domino theorybelief that if a country falls to communism, all others around it will fall as well
Douglas MacArthurAmerican general who was fired during the Korean War
satellite nationscountries controlled politically and economically by a larger nation
containmentthe American plan to stop the spread of communism
NATOwestern military alliance led by the United States
Warsaw Pactmilitary alliance of Eastern European nations

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