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Chapter 10

Chapter 10 deals with bacteria and viruses. Specifically, the chapter describes classifying bacteria, bacterial reproduction, the shapes of bacteria, Kingdom Eubacteria, Kingdom Archaebacteria, how bacteria are good for people and the environment, how bacteria are harmful, classifying viruses, and multiplication of viruses. We also discussed terms not introduced in Chapter 10 that are important to our study of bacteria and viruses.

binary fissionthe simple cell division used by bacteria in which one cell splits into two
endosporea bacterium surrounded by a thick, protective membrane
coccispherical bacteria
bacillirod-shaped bacteria
spirillalong, spiral-shaped bacteria
streptoprefix meaning in chains
staphyloprefix meaning in clusters
diploprefix meaing two
saprobedecomposers; feed on dead organic matter
blue-green bacteriaa group of monerans that live in moist environments and use sunlight energy to obtain food (photosynthesis)
nitrogen-fixing bacteriaconsume nitrogen in the air and change it into a form that plants can use
bioremediationthe use of bacteria and other microorganisms to change pollutants into harmless chemicals
antibioticmedicines used to kill bacteria and other microorganisms
pathogenic bacteriabacteria that invade a host organism and obtain the nutrients they need from the host's cells
virusa microscopic particle that invades a cell and often destroys it
hostan organism that supports a parasite
aerobean organism that needs oxygen to live
anaerobean organism that does not need oxygen to live
asexual reproductionreproduction by just one parent
conjugationa process in which DNA passes between two cells that join together

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