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time required for the earth to orbit once around the sunyear
amount of time required for the moon to orbit once around the earthmonth
time required for the earth to rotate once on its axisday
created a sun-centered theory of the universeCopernicus
proved that there were many galaxiesHubble
showed that gravity keeps planets and moons in orbitNewton
created an earth-centered theory of the universePtolemy
showed that planets move in elliptical orbits around the sunKepler
scientist who used a telescope to observe objects in spaceGalileo
HR diagram shows this relationshiptemperture and absolute magnitude
stars formed from a supernovablack hole and neutron star
shape of the Milky Wayspiral
path each planet moves around the sunellipse
formed from matter closer to the center of the nebulainner planets
holds a nebula togetherinward force of gravity and outward pressure
direction our universe is movingoutward
Where do new stars form from?old stars
a small, hot, dim star that is the leftover center of an old starwhite dwarf
a gigantic explosion that causes the death of a large starsupernova
a star in which the electrons and protons have become neutronsneutron star
a star that expands and cools once it runs out of hydrogenred giant
a spinning neutron star that emits rapid pulses of radio and optical energypulsar
a massive and dense object from which even light cannot escape its gravityblack hole

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