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Civics -- The Presidency

Presidency vocabulary

cabinetheads of the executive departments
$400,000 a yearsalary of the President
Camp DavidPresidential mountain estate in Maryland
John F. Kennedyonly Catholic president
35minimum age requirement to be president
4 yearsterm of office of president
22nd Amendmentlimited the president to two terms of office
Electoral Collegeofficially cast the ballots that elect the President
Franklin Rooseveltelected President for four terms
Article IIestablished the executive branch of government
President of the SenateVice President of the U.S.
$202,900 a yearsalary of the Vice-President
12th Amendmentchanged election process so that the president and vice president are voted on separately
Speaker of the Housein line behind the Vice President for succession to the presidency
25th Amendmentmakes the Vice President legally the President if the President dies or leaves office
Chief Executiverole in which the President carries out the nation's laws
Party Leaderrole in which the President supports party members in election campaigns
Commander in Chiefrole in which the President leader of the military
Chief Diplomatrole in which the President makes treaties with foreign nations
Chief of Staterole in which the President represents the whole nation
Legislative Leaderrole in which the President proposes or vetoes legislation
Judicial Leaderrole in which the President appoints judges to the Supreme Court
executive orderrule or command the President issues that has the force of law
bureaucracylarge network of individuals and agencies that are part of the federal government
ambassadorofficial representative of a country's government
treatyformal agreement between two or more countries
executive agreementagreement between the President and the leader of another country
War Powers Actrequires the President to notify Congress immediately when troops are sent into battle
vetoPresidential rejection of a bill
pardona declaration of forgiveness and freedom from punishment
reprievean order to delay a person's punishment
National Security Councilmembers include the Vice-President, the secretary of state, and the secretary of defense
Executive Office of the Presidentprovide advice and help the President do his job
chief of staffmost powerful official in the White House Office
Department of StatePlans and carries out the nation's foreign policy
Department of Treasurycollects, borrows, spends, and prints money
Department of Defensemanages the armed forces
Department of Justiceresponsible for all law enforcement
Department of the Interiormanages and protects the nation's public land and natural resources
Department of Agricultureassists farmers and consumers of farm products
Department of Commercesupervises trade, promotes US tourism and business
Department of Laborcontrols working conditions and wages of workers
Department of Health and Human Servicesworks for health and well being of all Americans
Dapartment of Housing and Urban Developmentdeals with the special neeeds and problems of cities
Department of Transportationmanages nation's highways, railroads, airlines, and sea traffic
Department of Energydirects an overall energy plan for the nation
Department of Educationprovides advice and funding for schools
Department of Veterans Affairsdirects services for veterans
Attorney Generalin charge of Department of Justice
Secretary of Stateindividual who conducts US foreign affairs
executive agenciesindependent agency responsible for dealing with certain specialized areas of government; NASA
Regulatory commissionsindependent agencies that protect the public by controlling certain types of businesses and industries; FTC, SEC, FCC
government corporationsbusiness owned and operated by US govt; US Postal Service
spoils systemgiving jobs as a reward for party loyalty

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