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Chapter 6- Health

addictionthe contsant need for a substance
anabolic steroidshormones that temporarily increase muscle size
dosagecorrect amount of medicine to take
drugsubstance that affects the way the body and mind work
drug dependencethe need to take a drug just to feel normal
expiration datelast date a medicine can be used
illegal drugsdrugs that are not medicines that are against the law to sell, buy, have, or use
inhalantspeople sniff these to get high
medicinesubstance used to treat illness or disease
medicine abusetaking medicine to do something other than treat an illness
medicine misusetaking medicine without following the directions exactly
overdosedangerously large dose of a drug that can cause illness or death
over-the-counter medicinemedicines that can be bought without a prescription
prescription medicinemedicines that be bought only with a doctor order
refusesay no
self-medicationdeciding on your own which medicine to take
side effectsunwanted reactions to a medicine
tolerancethe need for more of a drug to get the original effect
withdrawal symptomspainful reactions that occur when someone stops using a drug

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