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Chapter 2: Physical and Chemical Changes

This is a review for Chapter 2. See how much you know for the test!

physical propertya property that can be observed without changing the identity of a substance
phasestate in which matter can exist
crystalwhen particles of a solid are arranged in a regular, repeating pattern
viscosityresistance to flowing when poured
plasmaphase of matter with extremely high energy and most common in the universe
meltingchange of a solid to a liquid
melting pointtemperature when a solid changes to a liquid
freezingchange of a liquid to a solid
freezing pointtemperature at which a liquid changes to a solid
vaporizationchange of a liquid to a gas
evaporationvaporization taking place at the surface of a liquid
boilinga process in which particles inside a liquid as well as those on the surface of a liquid change to a gas
boiling pointthe temperature at which a substance changes from a liquid to a gas
condenstaionchange of a gas to a liquid
sublimationchange directly from a solid to a gas (dry ice)
chemical propertyproperty which describes how a substance can change into a new substance
flammabilitythe ability to burn
chemical changeprocess in which the original substance changes into a new substance with different physical and chemical properties

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